In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful !!!

Allah says in the
Quran …The Trumpet will be blown, and so all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will fall dead, except those whom God wills to exempt (39: 68).

For this ultimate destruction Allah chose SOUND over everything else. This is one extreme aspect of this amazing creation of Allah. There are other Ayaat in the Qur'an that talk about blowing of the trumpet. It is Allah’s mercy that HE has not given the secrets of this ultimate power to mankind.

On the other side when the Quran is recited from the bottoms of the heart in a melodious voice by the Imam, men of steel come to uncontrollable crying. It strikes the heart in a way nothing else does. It is the ultimate food for the human spirit. It is divine music.

How did it all start … ?

One day a little kid recited Suratul Muzzammil to his parents. They had never heard anything like that from a boy of this age. It was simply amazing and cannot be described in words. They knew immediately that their son was blessed by Allah with an amazing voice and the ability to recite Quran in his own unique style. The kid's father immediately started on the quest to record his recitations. This triggered his interest in sound engineering.

Everything good ALWAYS comes from ALLAH and ALLAH alone !!!

He eventually started installing sound systems in Masajid. Bad PA system in Masajid is a universal problem and there was no information readily available on the subject. They immediately knew that their prayers have been answered and Allah gave them something unique to work with. We hope and pray HE accepts their work. Ameen.

This website is dedicated to all those who have been blessed by Allah with amazing voices and they strive hard to recite the Quran to the best of their abilities. The aim of this website is to share information with the ummah so that they can setup a sound system in their own local Masjid if they wish to do so. Since majority of the Masajid in the world are outside USA, we hope that this publicly available information will help those Masajid who cannot afford to hire professional help.

We seek Allah's forgiveness for our sins and shortcomings and seek HIS refuge from the influence of satan. Ameen. Please forgive us for any mistakes and convey them to us for immediate correction. It is always difficult to be first.

Disclaimer: We have no enmity or friendship with any audio equipment manufacturer. Our benchmarks are sound quality, reliability and ease of use when considering equipment. Sound system in a mission critical system for a Masjid and it is important that you install the best possible system your Masjid can afford. All recommendations regarding equipment on this website are based on our experience and constant / rigorous / unbiased testing. We are extremely careful in this matter as we are dealing with the Book of Allah and the House of Allah. This effort has no endMost of the equipment recommended is readily available in the US market.  Your analysis and opinion might differ.

Advice: Any audio equipment you buy will perfectly suit your needs, until you use it long enough to learn that it does not.

Mohammed Mohsin Siddiqui