In some sort of order of importance ... Remember ... your sound is as good as the weakest link in the audio chain.

Excellent Microphone
+ Excellent PreAmp 
+ Room Treatment  
+ Excellent Monitors
+ Excellent Converters
= Great Sound !!!

1 - Excellent Microphone

2 - Excellent Preamps - Do not use mixers while recording Qiraat. All you need is one good microphone, one excellent premap and a decent A/D converter. We have seen people buy expensive 24 channel mixing boards because they have good builtin preamps. Instead buy one preamp from the list below and you will see a drastic improvement in your recordings.

Even Midas builtin preamps cannot match a dedicated preamp. A dedicated preamp is made as a preamp only and that is all its sole purpose. In a mixing board you have hundreds of parts and premap is just one of them. Mixer manufacturers cut corners a lot to make the board more economical and the first place they cut corners are builtin preamps.

We would personally like to put preamps in number 1 spot as a good preamp can bring the best out of any microphone. A bad preamp can make the best microphones sound crappy.

Transparent Preamps Transparent to Colored Preamps (transformer or tube based)
Rane (MS1S) Summit Audio (2BA-221) 
Avalon (M5) ART (Pro Channel, Tube MP series, Tube PAC, Pro MPA II etc)
Good Focusrite (Scarlett & Saffire series) Studio Projects VTB1
Joemeek ThreeQ ART Voice Channel
Rolls MP222 ART Tube PAC
Golden Age Projects Pre-73

FMR Audio (RNP) 
Black Lion (Aetuer, B12A) 
Daking (Mic Pre One) Dave Hill Designs (Europa I)
Better True Systems (P-Solo) Universal Audio (Solo 610, 710 twinfinity)
Focusrite (IsaOne) Chameleopn labs (7602 MK II)
Ashly Mixer Preamps Chandler Limited Germanium
SoundDevices (USB Pre2)
Blue Microphones (Robbie)
John Hardy (M1 / M1 Personal) Rupert Neve Designs (Portico)
GML preamps (8300, 8304) Great River (ME-1NV)
Forssell (SMP-2) Vintech (X73i)
Manley Mono MicPre API Channel Strip
Best Millennia (HV-3C) Focusrite Liquid Channel
Gordon Preamps Universal Audio (LA 610 MK II)
Emperical labs (EL-9 Mike-E) Chandler
Martech (MSS-10) Trident
Buzz Audio (MA-2.2) Tube Tech
Grace M101
Avalon (VT 737 SP)
DW Fearn VT1
Thermionic Culture (Earlybird, Rooster)
Crane Song Flamingo
A Designs (Pacifica)

3 - Room Treatment 

4 - Excellent Monitors

5 - Excellent Converters -

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